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​Northern Territory Fishing Holiday Packages

Posted on 01 September, 2015 in Fishing Charters

Fishing lodges and fishing camps in the NT offer some of the most exciting and adventurous fishing experiences you will find anywhere in the world. Some are situated on remote Aboriginal land such as the Tiwi Islands and Arnhem Land yet others are just an hour’s drive from Darwin. It doesn’t matter which you end up at, you can almost always be assured of a crowd free, wildlife packed fishing experience with a unique ‘Territory’ flavour. Coming face to face with crocodiles, throwing in a crab pot, photographing a sea eagle, sight casting a barra, or just kicking back with a beer at a lodge, these are just few on many things that make fishing holidays in the Top End so special.

In the far North West corner of Arnhem Land 570km (by road) from Darwin there’s a small, remote National Park that’s home to the Northern Territory’s largest Marine Park Sanctuary. It’s called Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, pronounced Gah-rig Goon-uk Bar-loo. Cobourg Fishing Safaris have been granted permission by the Aboriginal land owners to operate a fishing camp (Cobourg Coastal Camp) on the shores of Port Essington exclusively for their clientele. 

With the rare occurrence of ever sighting another boat, this hidden destination is a fishing and nature lover’s paradise. 

You really get the feeling that nothing has changed out there for thousands of years. Hordes of bait fish still occupy the sand flats, manta rays seamlessly muster jelly prawns in the channels, you can even here the frequent echo’s of ospreys crashing into the ocean’s surface in hunt for its prey.

To fish this Marine Park requires permits from the local Parks and Wildlife. Cobourg Fishing Safaris offer packaged fishing tours which include everything from permits to quality fishing gear. Cobourg Coastal Camp’s location offers great estuary, flats and reef fishing all within half an hours travel. Fish all day and return to camp for sunset drinks and a freshly cooked catch.