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Barramundi Fishing Charters

Posted on 22 August, 2020 in Barramundi, Fishing Charters

Barramundi fishing charters on the Cobourg Peninsula

Situated on the most northern tip of Arnhem Land, 50km to the east of the Tiwi Islands is one of the Top Ends most secluded fishing destinations, Cobourg Coastal Camp. Owned by brothers Hugh and Aaron Gange, the camps location provides access to some of the region’s best blue water and barramundi fishing.

From your cliff side accommodation its just a 50m walk down to the beach where the boats are moored and geared up for you to hit the water each morning with your guide. 15 minute north and your out in the blue water, 15 minutes to the south you'll find a coastline indented by mangrove lined coves abundant in barramundi, mangrove jack, salmon and estuary cod.

rule of thumb; the more sticky and uncomfortable the weather is, the better the bite!

During the months of April, May, October and November the rise in water temperature triggers the barra to feed aggressively and is the pick of the year for chasing these iconic Top End sport fish. Cobourg Coastal Camp's custom build 7m plate boats have been specially designed for accessing the shallow waters of the Cobourg Peninsula where barra are generally found. A large casting deck at the bow of the boat provides the perfect vantage point for spotting and sight casting barra on the mud flats and drains as well as in the mangroves.

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All guides are highly experienced, easy going professionals and are ultimately there to show you a good time and provide the best opportunities for landing quality fish. Catering for the experienced angler to the not so experienced keen angler, guides can provide training on the fundamentals of casting for barra as well as the ideal lure choices and locations depending on the tides.

Fishing for barra often involves putting in the time and effort to get the reward, their highly variable and sometimes unpredictable feeding behaviours means you need to be adaptive as an angler and meet their challenges to be successful. The combination of barramundi's powerful strike and their aerial launches once caught put these iconic fish at the top of the list for sport fishing in the Northern Territory. If you've never caught a barra before, let it be know, its addictive!

A good day out can range from 3 to 30 barra depending on ones ability with sizes generally ranging between 30-100cm in length. If barra aren't on the chew, the by-catch in these areas are first class. There's always a good chance to come across quality fish that share these environments such as threadfin salmon, golden snapper, mangrove jack and Queensland grouper.

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To find out more about joining us on a barramundi fishing charter see the link or call us on 1300 148 809. Tight lines!