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Exploring Barramundi Fishing in Darwin & the Northern Territory's Prime Locations

Posted on 11 September, 2023 in Barramundi, Fishing Charters


The Northern Territory of Australia is a renowned haven for anglers, particularly those in pursuit of barramundi, a revered sportfishing species that thrives in its waters. With its vast network of rivers, billabongs, estuaries, and coastal areas, the Northern Territory offers an array of fantastic barramundi fishing locations. In this blog, we will embark on a journey through the best barramundi fishing spots in Darwin and the Northern Territory.

The allure of barramundi fishing extends far beyond their size, and it's more about the exhilaration of the chase, the thrill of the fight, and the mesmerizing landscapes that serve as the backdrop to these encounters. Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice, the Northern Territory provides an unmatched canvas for your barramundi fishing adventure. Let's explore the hidden gems and prime destinations where barramundi thrive, and where anglers from around the world converge to experience the magic of these iconic fish.

1. Arnhem Land Barra Fishing: The Crown Jewel

Arnhem Land, an expansive and remote region in the Northern Territory, is often hailed as the ultimate destination for barramundi fishing. With its rich indigenous culture, untamed landscapes, and unspoiled waterways, Arnhem Land offers a truly unique angling experience. Here are some reasons why Arnhem Land stands out:

Exclusive Access: Arnhem Land is restricted access, which means you'll need a permit to fish here, the exclusivity ensures that the barramundi populations remain abundant and healthy.

Untouched Wilderness: The pristine rivers and billabongs of Arnhem Land are virtually untouched, making them an angler's dream. You'll have a chance to connect with nature in its purest form.

Cultural Enrichment: Arnhem Land is home to indigenous communities with rich cultural traditions. While fishing, you can also learn about and respect the local culture and traditions through guided tours and interactions with the local people. 

(below - fishing the Cobourg Peninsula, north-west Arnhem Land)

2. Darwin Barra Fishing

Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, is surrounded by some of the finest barramundi fishing locations:

Darwin Harbour: This bustling harbor is also a prime barramundi fishing spot but you need to know where to look! The harbor's estuaries, mangroves, and tidal flats offer a variety of fishing opportunities.

Corroboree Billabong: Located about an hour's drive from Darwin, Corroboree Billabong is famous for its Top End scenery - think bustling birdlife, lily pads and crocs! Its scenic surroundings make it a favourite among anglers chasing barramundi and saratoga.

3. Kakadu Barra Fishing 

Kakadu National Park is a World Heritage-listed wonderland, known for its diverse ecosystems, cultural sites and picturesque barramundi fishing. The East Alligator River and South Alligator River are particularly famous for their big barramundi as well as the iconic Yellow Water Billabong. 


4. Daly River Barra Fishing 

The Daly River is often considered one of the best barramundi rivers in the Top End. It offers diverse fishing opportunities, including trolling, casting, and live baiting. The river is surrounded by lush wilderness, making it a picturesque destination for anglers.

5. Victoria River Barra Fishing 

The Victoria River is another hotspot for barramundi fishing. Its extensive network of billabongs, estuaries, and river channels provides a variety of fishing experiences. The area's remoteness adds to the appeal, allowing anglers to enjoy the serenity of the wild.

6. Tiwi Islands Barra Fishing 

Just north of Darwin, the Tiwi Islands are known for their outstanding barramundi fishing. Clearwater Island Lodge on Melville Island offers comfortable accommodations and guided fishing trips in the pristine waters surrounding the islands.


The Northern Territory offers some of the Australia's most exceptional barramundi fishing experiences, with each location offering its own unique charm and angling opportunities. Whether you choose a fishing camp in Arnhem Land or explore the other fantastic barramundi fishing spots in the Northern Territory, you're sure to have an unforgettable angling experience in this magnificent region.