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Cobourg Fishing Safaris' Fishing Charter Vessels

Posted on 24 July, 2017 in Fishing Charters

Our Northern Territory Fishing Charter Boats

At Cobourg Fishing Safaris we primarily use 6.8m Custom Works Eliminator Pro's with a 225hp Yamaha 4stroke outboard. This is a locally built Darwin boat custom designed for Northern Territory fishing conditions. What makes the Eliminator so special is that it serves as a multipurpose vessel ideal for both blue water sport fishing and shallow water flats fishing. 

The two and a half tonne mono-hull plate boat only draws an amazing thirty centimetres of draft, meaning more access into the shallow sand flats, mangrove drains and creek systems typical of the Cobourg Peninsula. The high sides provide stability and safety out in the swell as well as providing ample protection from crocodiles which share most of our waterways.

Licenced to carry six passengers we generally recommend a maximum of four fisherman at any one time. All seats can be removed, creating an open deck ideal for fly fishing, bait casting and spinning. The extended cast deck at the bow offers a great platform for site casting barramundi and threadfin salmon in the creeks and mud flats. When in the blue water it provides greater leverage for casting poppers and slugs at Giant Trevally and Tuna.

Decked out with top of the range accessories the boat also features an extensive range of quality fishing gear and tackle.