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Fishing for Golden Snapper and Coral Trout on the Cobourg Peninsula

Posted on 07 September, 2018 in Coral Trout, Golden Snapper, Fishing Charters

At Cobourg we are very fortunate to have such a wide variety of excellent table fish to target. Two of our favourites are Golden Snapper and Coral Trout, both are not only good to eat but great fun to catch! 

You can catch both species consistently year round at Cobourg but if you are looking for the very best times to lock in your fishing charter and catch them in larger numbers then we'd recommend the warmer months. 

Mid-April to mid-May and October to mid-November are optimum with the warmer water temperatures they are more active and feed harder

Below is a video of a session we had out on one of the reefs in early November.

As you can see in the video when they are biting there is nowhere you'd rather be!

With iridescent blue spots Coral Trout are definitely one of the most pretty fish in the ocean. We find them around bommies, usually in 5-10 metres of water. One of the best was to catch them at Cobourg is jigging with soft plastics - drop your jig head down, couple of twitches on the bottom and bang!  

Golden Snapper grow bigger and go harder than Coral Trout. Also known as 'Fingermark' for their distinctive dark mark on their upper flank these are great fighting fish - especially the big ones (which can get up close to 3 foot). Again these guys love jigs and are aggressive feeders. Ideally we like to chase them in under 10 metres of water as they are susceptible to barotrauma so can't be released if caught any deeper. 


If you'd like to chase a few of these fish with us on the Cobourg Peninsula you can find our more about our camp and can check availability here.

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