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​Fishing Bliss: 5 Popular Fishing Lodges & Fishing Camps in the Top End

Posted on 04 September, 2023 in Fishing Charters

The Top End of Australia, encompassing the Northern Territory, is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. With its unspoiled waters, rich marine life, and stunning natural beauty, it's a dream destination for anglers from around the world. To make your fishing adventure in the Top End truly memorable, consider staying at one of the region's top fishing lodges. These lodges and camps not only provide nice accommodation but also grant access to some of the finest fishing experiences in the Northern Territory.


Cobourg Coastal Camp

Nestled within the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in northern Arnhem Land, Cobourg Coastal Camp is an undisputed gem of the Top End. This exclusive and remote fishing camp offers unparalleled access to some of the best fishing grounds in the Northern Territory. The waters surrounding Cobourg are teeming with pelagics, reef species and of course barramundi. Expert guides will lead you to prime fishing locations, ensuring an unforgettable angling experience. An in-house chef provides memorable meals each evening. Accommodation at Cobourg Coastal Camp is in permanent safari tents overlooking the Arafura Sea. Besides amazing fishing, you can explore the park's rich biodiversity and history, making this camp a true wilderness experience. See some Cobourg packages.


Bamurru Plains Lodge

Located on the edge of the Mary River floodplains, Bamurru Plains Lodge offers a unique fusion of luxury and wilderness adventure. This exclusive lodge provides guided fishing excursions primarily focused on the iconic barramundi, but you can also target saratoga and other river species. The accommodation is in luxury safari bungalows with all the comforts you need. After a rewarding day of fishing, relax on your private deck while observing the remarkable wildlife that inhabits the floodplains.


Dundee Beach Fishing Lodge

Dundee Beach Fishing Lodge is a favourite among anglers looking for a laid-back, no-frills fishing experience. Situated just a short drive from Darwin, it offers easy access to some of the Top End's best fishing spots. Barra fishing is the main attraction here, and you can also target other species like jewfish and golden snapper. The lodge provides self-contained cabins and camping facilities, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more budget-friendly option.

Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge

If you're seeking to chase barramundi exclusively then Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge is a good choice. This lodge is located in Arnhem Land’s northern coast. Here, barramundi is the main species guests hunt with minimal fishing pressure due to the remote location. The lodge offers comfortable accommodation and the chance to connect with the local indigenous culture as well.

Clearwater Island Lodge

Clearwater Island Lodge is a fishing haven nestled within the Tiwi Islands, famous for its outstanding barra fishing. The lodge offers a range of fishing packages suited to different interests and skill levels. Experienced guides will take you to productive fishing grounds, ensuring an memorable angling adventure.

Cobourg-coastal-camp-chefCobourg Coastal Camp

The Top End of Australia is a paradise for anglers, and staying at one of these top fishing lodges will elevate your fishing expedition to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner eager to cast your first line, these lodges provide not only exceptional fishing opportunities but also comfortable accommodations, breathtaking landscapes, and unique cultural experiences. Pack your fishing gear, book your preferred lodge, and prepare for a fishing journey of a lifetime in the captivating Top End.