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GT Fishing Australia

Posted on 13 November, 2023 in Giant Trevally, Fishing Charters

GT (Giant Trevally) Fishing in Australia - Why our guests love it & where we do it.


With our fishing camp located on the remote Cobourg Peninsula in north-west Arnhem Land we truly are spoilt for choice in terms of target species. One of our guests favourite would have to be the mighty GT (aka Giant Trevally) a species many come to the NT specifically to chase. 

Seeing a 20kg fish inhale a surface popper is hard to beat!


GT fishing in the NT is always exciting and fishos love it for a variety of reasons, including;

Thrill of the Catch: GTs are known for their incredible strength and power, making them a challenging species to target. Hooking into a large GT is an adrenaline-pumping experience, and reeling one in can be a test of an angler's skill and endurance.

Size and Strength: GTs are among the largest and most powerful predatory fish in tropical waters. Their sheer size, aggression, and powerful runs make them a coveted catch for anglers seeking a formidable adversary.


Beautiful Locations: GT fishing often takes place in stunning and exotic locations, such as tropical islands, remote atolls, and pristine coral reefs. The Cobourg Peninsula is no different, with breathtaking scenery and an array of marine life make the Cobourg Marine Park a very appealing fishing location. 

Variety of Techniques: Anglers can employ various fishing techniques when targeting GTs, such as casting surface lures, trolling, jigging, baiting or even fly fishing. This diversity in methods allows anglers to tailor their approach to the specific conditions and preferences, keeping the sport interesting and dynamic.


Catch and Release: We encourage catch and release practices to conserve GT populations and their habitats. This sustainability factor appeals to anglers who want to enjoy the sport while preserving the environment (and let's be honest there are plenty of better eating fish in the ocean!) 

Overall, it's the combination of many factors that make fishing for GTs so appealing. We find here at Cobourg it's the spekky location, the easily accessible GT fishing grounds and the variety of techniques that can be employed to catch them that make it so appealing. Add in the pure adrenaline once one is on the line and it's not hard to understand how this kind of fishing can be so addictive!

Please get in touch if you'd like to join us at Cobourg and chase some of these ocean freight trains!