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Million Dollar Fish Competition 2017/18 (Season 3)

Posted on 14 September, 2017 in Barramundi, Fishing Charters, Million Dollar Fish

Join us Cobourg Fishing Safaris as we go on the hunt for the illusive Million Dollar Barra!

Million Dollar Fish - barra fishing charters from Darwin

For decades, mad-keen fishermen and women have transcended on Northern Territory, Top End waters to join locals in the hunt for one thing…. the mighty Barramundi. Not only is this fish a Territory icon, it’s also a major staple on menus found in restaurants, bars and homes right across the Top End.

A true part of Northern Territory culture, Barra fishing is the ultimate addiction, blowing holes in deep pockets for those lured by the obsessive hunt for that next hit.

To see the silver shine of a metre plus Barra launch itself into the air down one of the many mangrove lined creeks or billabongs the Top End is famous is a sight you never forget.

Now picture this, a metre plus Barra launching itself into the air with a million dollar tag hanging from its back! Sound interesting?

Well here’s the big news…

The Million Dollar Fish competition is back! With more tagged Barra and more money to win than ever before!

Barra Fishing Charter - Million Dollar Fish

The first year of the Million Dollar Fish competition saw 43,000 entries from 62 countries, and the huge success of the competition continued in last year’s second round. This year will see a total prize pool of $2,000,000, with one Barra carrying the coveted $1,000,000 tag and 100 more carrying $10,000 tags (prize pool only open to Australian residents). These prize-winning fish will have been released at multiple locations within the Top End in preparation for the competition’s start.

The rules are simple:

  • Register at the MDF website before 28 February 2018 (must be 18 years or older)
  • Head to the NT’s Top End and wet a line between 1 October 2017 and 28 February 2018
  • If you land a competition Barra, snap a few pics with the MDF season 3 tag clearly showing as well as a pic on a measuring mat or ruler
  • Retrieve the tag and call the competition hotline to lodge your claim using your tag’s unique code and photos as verification
  • Collect your winnings and get back out on the water!

See the competition terms and conditions for full details on photo guidelines and the verification process.

So, if you’re keen to get in on the Million Dollar Fish action and don’t know where to start, why not leave it to us.

At Cobourg Fishing Safaris, we’re offering ‘Million Dollar Fishing Charters’ from our exclusive accommodation at Cobourg Coastal Camp. Here, you’ll escape the crowds and fish mangrove line creeks all to yourself. Just an hours flight from Darwin, we take care of all the hard stuff, including the boat, tackle, bait, meals, flights, permits and expert fishing guides.

Book your fishing charter to catch the Million Dollar Fish today!

Million Dollar Fish - fishing from Cobourg Coastal Camp