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Million Dollar Fish Where to Catch It?

Posted on 28 July, 2015 in Fishing Charters, Barramundi, Million Dollar Fish


A million dollar Barra is about to be released in the Northern Territory and quite possibly some of the small creeks and rivers of the Cobourg Peninsula! Yes you heard correctly- just recently the Northern Territory Government announced that 76 barramundi will be tagged and released in Top End waters, all of which will be worth anything between $10,000 - $1,000,000 if caught! This is by far Australia’s largest fishing competition and anyone can enter.

The fish are due to be released in Top End water ways between the start of October 2015 and the end of February 2016. Seventy five of the fish will be worth $10,000 while a one solitary Barramundi will have a price tag of $1,000,000 on its head.To be eligible for the competition all you need to do is firstly register here


As an ongoing Northern Territory campaign to encourage visitors to stay, play and fish in the Top End, the new announcement has already caught the interest of fisherman from not only Australia but right across the globe.

Rumours have it that some of the fish will be released in the Cobourg Peninsula region. This is extremely exciting news as a number of lucky anglers will have the chance to fish an area where minimal people have access too. Do the math, it’s like buying a bunch of raffle tickets to a competition only you and your mates have entered! Well almost…

Anyway, forget about joining the conga line at Shady Camp and the Daly River where everyone will be flocking, why not fish somewhere that has far less traffic. Cobourg Fishing Safaris still have several dates available in October and November for fly in fly out fishing charters on the Cobourg Peninsula, staying at Cobourg Coastal Camp. 

Although Barra fishing will be a high priority for most keen anglers, blue water action and mud crabbing can also be part of the package.