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Northern Territory GT (Giant Trevally) Fishing Charters

Posted on 21 July, 2015 in Giant Trevally, Fishing Charters

No need for gym’s in this part of the world, giant trevally give you all the exercise and entertainment needed! The Cobourg Peninsula has over 250 species of fish but it’s the GT’s that pound for pound put up the biggest fight. Some people come to the Top End of Australia wanting to catch everything besides GT’s. I don’t understand this. If you’re a fair dinkum avid fisho that doesn’t just fish for the plate, then the only excuse I can possibly accept is that you don’t want to be left exhausted with limited energy in the tank to target further species, perhaps?

Found in tropical waters from South Africa all the way to Hawaii, the Giant Trevally (Caranxignobilis) is an apex predator growing to a maximum of 80kg. This powerful fish is the largest in its genus and is renowned worldwide as one of the ultimate sportfish.

With such a predatory nature, these fish will attack almost any lure. There’s no better sight than an eight inch popper ripping across a flat ocean surface only to be explosively engulfed by a 10kg+ GT. Whether you’re fishing the mangroves, tidal flats or deep reefs in the Northern Territory you’re always in with a chance of a hook up.

The Cobourg Peninsula in the far northern tip of Arnhem Land is known as one of Australia’s premiere GT fishing destinations. With a wide range of marine habitats and a Marine Park protecting the surrounding waters, there’s always a great chance to land that record fish. Cobourg Fishing Safaris operate both one day and multiple day fishing charters within this region and target everything from Barramundi and Mangrove Jack to Spanish Mackerel to of course Giant Trevally.

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