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An NT Fishing Camp with a View

Posted on 23 October, 2018 in Fishing Charters

clifftop sunset beers at camp

Cobourg Coastal Camp is a remote Northern Territory fishing camp located on Cobourg Peninsula in Arnhem Land. It's the base for Cobourg Fishing Safaris' sportfishing operation. The camp is open from mid-April to mid-November each year and is known for it's excellent reef, pelagic and barra fishing.

The Cobourg Peninsula is located on the most northern tip of the NT mainland and forms the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park. Due to its unique biodiversity and thriving ecosystems visitors to the Park are strictly limited. It's not uncommon to go out fishing and not see another boat the whole time you're here! 

Now, any remote place like this in the NT is most likely going to have great fishing but it's the camp that really sets it apart from the rest. Situated on top of a 7 metre cliff and overlooking your fishing grounds is the positioning of Cobourg Coastal Camp. 

It's a wild stretch of water which you'll regularly see sharks and crocs swimming in the waters below the cliff - not a bad spot for that morning coffee or sunset beer!

Accommodation at the camp is in permanent safari tents, each catering for either 1 or 2 guests. Tents are fan-cooled and are all located along the cliff top overlooking the bay.

The facilities at camp are shared and again offer unique views of the surrounding bush and coast. The award winning Loo With a View is a must see for any visit here.  

All the fishing gear at the camp is supplied and of the highest standard. Out 6.8m fishing boats are custom-built to suit the fishing conditions and comfortably fish up to 4 anglers. 

Here are a few reason why many choose a Cobourg Fishing Safari trip;

  • We offer a very broad range of fishing; barra, pelagics and reef. Each days is totally up to you!
  • We only take a maximum of 2 groups at our camp at one time
  • All our fishing spots are within short distance of camp so more time fishing and less time travelling!
  • Being in a Marine Park means seeing more wildlife and marine life while out on the water
  • Our food is first rate (no burned snags! Think eye fillet steak and of course lots of freshly caught fish/mud crabs cooked to your liking)
  • ALL our reviews on all platforms are 5 Stars
  • We are the ONLY fishing operator/lodge in the NT to win an NT Recreational Fishing Award for best operation 
  • ...and of course the fishing is unreal!!


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